Safely RE-OPENING DINING In – Call Ahead Seating Required!

We hope you are staying healthy & safe – and MAYBE ready for a little venturing back out to Mondo!!

We are all in the tail end of PHASE 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic restaurant reopening process.  We waited a little bit longer than some other restaurants have, taken EXTREME precautions based on our requirements mandated by Governor Brian Kemp and guidance from the Georgia Restaurant Association (with the Fulton County Board of Health) & have made the decision to FINALLY re-open our DINING IN options beginning today, May 26, 2020

For those of you who are ready to DINE-IN with us, things are very different now.  We want to make sure that we can safely welcome your family in & keep our Mondo family as safe as possible.  As many of you know, there is an extensive list of reopening requirements (almost 39) for restaurants.  We are obligated to follow ALL of them in order to open – THEY are NOT optional.  Your responsibility as a PATRON (AND PARENT) is just as important in this re-opening process as our responsibility as a BUSINESS.

First & foremost, IF YOU HAVE COVID-19 OR ANY SYMPTOMS, you may NOT enter this establishment.  In fact, if you don’t feel well, stay home.  You will see this posted on our FRONT DOOR, it’s REQUIRED & it’s SERIOUS. VERY.

YOU MUST CALL AHEAD OR MAKE A RESERVATION to dine in.  If you DO NOT, you will have to wait in your car or outside the restaurant in the parking lot until we have a table for you.  THERE IS NOWHERE TO WAIT INSIDE THE RESTAURANT.  YOU CAN NO LONGER WAIT AT THE DOOR FOR A TABLE AS WE NOW HAVE A DESIGNATED PICK-UP AREA FOR TOGO ORDERS at the front area.

We have only 6 seats at the BAR, 6 seats in the bar area & 5 tables in the dining room. We have 4 tables on the patio (weather permitting) And, we have STRICTLY enforced social distancing measures in place & serving/cleaning procedures in place as well.  If you have “STOPPED BY” to  order take out – you may place your order, but must wait outside in your car or parking lot as well.

We are aware that the dining experience at Mondo may seem a little different (our staff will be wearing masks at all times) & gloves during certain interactions, standing a little bit further away from the table, we may seem a little distant to you – but it must be like that for how.  Please DO NOT take it personally!  WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE YOU WITH US!!!  We may not be able to spend as much time with you at the table or bar – because limited interaction is required at this time. As restrictions are lifted by authorities, we will make the decision for safety at the restaurant as well.   We hope you will continue to support us!

Many of you, may not be ready for this.  And, we understand if you are not.  It’s OK with us & we RESPECT your decision.  Please RESPECT those who have decided to DINE-IN with us.  We will continue to offer takeout (curbside pick up) is our delivery service.   We hope you will continue to support us!  

We are very excited to share our NEW Summer Special Menu – we rolled it out CURBSIDE a few weeks ago!  There are several NEW appetizers & entrees available IN ADDITION TO our regular menu – here is a link to our current Menu! The new dishes all have a “NEW” notation next to them!  We hope you will continue to support us!

We also still have a family-style meals (larger sizes) available. They are served in disposable aluminum trays & come in Half or Full pan sizes. It’s a great option for your family meals or small gatherings! We require 24 hours notice on any of those, but it’s a great way to have a Mondo meal in your home & it helps us out tremendously! We hope you will continue to support us!

Here’s how you can continue to support us:
1. CALL AHEAD to DINE-IN starting today, May 26, 2020.
2.  Order take-out curbside pick-up Mon-Sat starting at 4:30pm.
3.  Order bottles of beer & wine in house or to take home with you.
4.  Consider making a donation to us.  Any amount helps! We have set up aGoFundMe page to make ends meet while we work through the reopening process.
5.  Buy a $25 Gift Certificate for yourself or someone else!
6. Order a larger pan of food for a family meal (24 hours notice).
7.  Please. please, please TIP at least 20%.

From our Family to Yours, WELCOME BACK & Thank You